How to get Opossums Out of Your Attic

Maybe a Melbourne opossum is a cute animal in a cartoon or in a movie, but they are not something you want in your home. Unfortunately, these critters found that a person’s attic is the absolute best location to take up residence. Your home works for you, and since many are not using their attic, the possum thinks this is the best place to live. Once they are in your attic, they can be extremely difficult to get out. If you have a Florida opossum in your home, here is what you can do to get rid of it.

First of all, consider that these are nocturnal Florida animals, so in the day time the animal will most likely be sleeping. If you want to make sure that you do have an opossum, start by taking a discrete look in the attic during the day. You will likely be able to see it and the nest it has made so you will know for sure. The idea is to wait for the possum to wake up, and then block it during its time that it is out foraging for food. It is likely that it is has found some kind of entrance into your attic, and will leave out of that entrance when it gets dark. So, you need to find that spot where it is gaining entrance during the day.

When it gets to be dark, the suggestion would be to scare it in some way so that it will run out of the attic and out through the hole. A great suggestion is to put a large light and speakers from a boom box into the attic. When it starts to get dark turn on the light and blast the music. That will scare out the Melbourne opossum. You job is done, however. Now you need to block that entryway so it will not come back. You will want to make sure that you close any holes or seal any cracks so that it cannot get in. It is suggested that you us steel wool in any crack or hole to make it harder for the animal to dig through. They don’t like this material, finding it to be an irritant, so this will keep it from regaining access.

This may seem like a really simple way to get rid of the Florida possum, but that is what makes it such a good idea. Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best, and this is one of those times. Just as a reminder, be as quiet as possible when setting up the light and putting the speakers in the attic. If you alarm it you may cause it to attack you and that would be bad.

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